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Making the decision to get divorced or begin a custody case can be very difficult, however, we are here to make the process as efficient and straightforward as possible. We try to establish flat fee agreements with clients so there are no hidden costs. Attorney Jesus R. Lopez has been practicing in Comal District Court for over 10 years and is familiar with local procedural rules.

Over the years Mr. Lopez has handled a multitude of complex custody cases, modifications, CPS cases, divorce and other family law issues.

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The Case Process:

A divorce or custody case, begins with the filing of a petition. This is the legal document that asks the court what it is that you are seeking. The opposing party is served with this document once it if filed. A process server will take a copy of the document and hand it to the opposing party.

Once the opposing party is served, they have a limited time to answer or a default judgment can be taken against them. A default means you can be granted legal relief due to the opposing party’s failure to respond.

If the opposing party responds, then the litigation process truly begins. Usually discovery is obtained, to get a full picture of what both sides would be presenting at trial.

Once the discovery process is over, then the case is set for trial or mediation. A mediator is an independent third party who can help both sides come to an mutual agreement. This is an informal process by which a binding legal agreement can be reached without going to trial.

If mediation does not result in an agreement, or if mediation is not requested the case is set for trial, a final hearing where the judge or jury makes a final decision over the case.